Protect Your People

Safe Teams  |  Safe Work Zones | Safe Equipment

At AWP, safety is our primary focus. We provide the most comprehensive training and certification of traffic safety personnel in the industry. Your people will be protected by:

  • Safe Teams – You can expect to work with professional, safety-minded traffic experts
  • Safe Work Zones – fewer accidents and injuries involving your employees
  • Safe Equipment – all our traffic safety equipment exceeds regulations

PROTECT Your Business

Less Risk | More Reach | Better Reputation

With AWP, your business is secure. You will benefit from:

  • Less Risk – Reduce costs by outsourcing services and being covered by the industry’s leading insurance programs
  • More Reach – 4,000 traffic professionals including more than 100 managers in over 60 locations simplifies your outsourcing needs
  • Better Reputation – Enhance your customer relationships by partnering with the nationally recognized leader in Traffic Control


Reliable Access | Reliable Performance | Reliable Partners

AWP understands your time is your money. You will realize efficiencies that return value to you:

  • Reliable Processes – Enjoy accurate invoicing and 24/7 access to your up-to-date project information through our use of tablet technology
  • Reliable Performance – over 50 project managers are incentivized to protect your sites and make sure your jobs run smoothly
  • Reliable Partner – The AWP team works 24/7 with your team, conducting our business together with honesty and transparency and offering you access to senior management when needed.