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Traffic Control Projects, September 27, 2017
Ease the Burden of Traffic Control

Let’s face it – planning an event can be stressful. Selling sponsorships and tickets, organizing volunteers, planning the race course, and even creating a marketing plan to make sure people show up – and oh, wait! What about ensuring your participants and attendees are safe? What about traffic control? The liability on your organization if something goes wrong could be catastrophic. Your reputation, future attendance, and bottom line are, well, on the line.

During any event, it is extremely critical that all attendees are protected from the hazards of ongoing traffic. Managing an outdoor event requires a lot of forethought and planning – and unfortunately, safe, compliant traffic control during any outdoor event is often overlooked.

Area Wide Protective provides turnkey traffic control. Our experience in this industry has revealed common oversights that cause great stress and potentially negative impacts.

Here are our Top 5 Best Practices all event directors and coordinators should know when organizing an event that will require traffic management.


1. Plan Ahead to Save Money

To save time and money, plan and schedule your event long before it will take place. Reach out to your local permitting municipality to determine if a Temporary Traffic Control Plan (TTCP) is required. Taking this step early on allows ample time for AWP to draft the Temporary Traffic Control Plans (TTCP). Once the plans are drafted, the local municipality will then need time to review the plans and provide feedback. Sometimes plans need to be revised. Planning early gives you, and AWP, the necessary time to adjust the plans to meet unforeseen changes required by the municipality. When this crucial step is put off, and event details have to be changed last minute, things can quickly go awry. Allow these agencies time to do their job. More time for them equals less last minute concerns for you.


2. Hire Trained Professionals

Hiring Traffic Control Specialists, rather than using volunteers, ensures that all event staff members show up in a timely manner. Every traffic or course turn will be covered and every piece of equipment will be set up properly by skilled professionals. The laws that govern public and private roads are extremely complex, and you never know when a medical emergency will happen. In addition to traffic safety training, our staff also undergo First Aid and HazMat training. Get rid of the worry and frustration of the fine details by letting event-trained, safety professionals do the work for you. The day of your event is not the time you want to uncover a forgotten, but important detail.


3. Reserve Equipment Far in Advance

Safe and compliant equipment is crucial to a successful event. Proper equipment also ensures that no one is exposed to safety risks. Be sure to request your equipment far in advance. Reserving it early will insure availability and help keep costs down. Trying to secure needed equipment at the last minute puts you at risk for running into demand issues that can drive up cost. You can reserve equipment through AWP with one simple click on our website – Everything from message boards, arrow boards, barrels and cones, to french barricades and rumble strips.  By clicking Schedule Now, you receive an immediate response with a follow-up confirmation. We make it easy because our commitment, and our focus, is to protect your people, your business, and your time.


4. Reserve Traffic Control Staff Ahead of Time

To ensure your event goes smoothly, reserve traffic control specialists ahead of time. (You can even request specific employees if you have used AWP in the past and have some favorites!) The traffic control industry is very fluid with peaks and valleys in staffing based on the need of clients within the market. Reserving traffic control specialists in advance gives you the peace of mind that the event is covered with right number and best trained staff for the job.


5. Partner with your Traffic Control Provider

It’s the day of your event. Volunteers, vendors, and paid staff are hard at work. All the preparation, the planning and the meetings, the advertisements – it’s all on the line. The months and weeks leading up to this big day finally come together. You want this to be a hit. You can already see next year’s event on the horizon. The best thing you can do is to partner with your traffic control provider. AWP staff will join you in the command center to help monitor the day’s activities. Just like you, we look for pitfalls, gaps, the successes, and best practices. We communicate with our team and yours to ensure everything goes according to plan. We also meet post event to identify areas of improvement and the fine details that made the day a huge success. We take that knowledge with us into every event and to the table of every customer. This is why AWP’s event experience and service is second to none. As our client, you benefit from our years of experience across a myriad of events and venues – which places you in the front pack among your participants and “customers.”


AWP has been providing traffic control management services since 1993. Our 60+ locations provide traffic control services and equipment to more than 20 states. Known as America’s Traffic Control leader, AWP is a comprehensive, one-stop traffic control organization, providing around-the-clock service every day of the year.

We know how important your valuable resources are, which is why we promise to protect your people, your business, and your time.

To learn more about our services and how we can help your event succeed, contact our Events team at

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