Traffic Control Projects, February 7, 2014

AWP is proud to announce the expansion of our steel road plate services into Northeast Ohio in Spring 2014.

In Spring 2013, AWP added a steel road plate unit to our facility in Manassas, VA, where we now have a crane truck, a full range of steel road plates, and a specially trained team dedicated to serving clients throughout the entire state of Virginia. Since the addition of our steel road plate service in Virginia, our customers have been most impressed with how quickly we respond to a request, and the quality of our equipment. AWP responds to customer calls from anywhere in the state, delivers the steel road plates within a few hours, and places the plates with precision and accuracy, using our state-of-the-art equipment.

Likewise, this new unit will serve Northeast Ohio as an extension of our Central Ohio steel road plate unit, which has been fully operational since 2010. With centralized steel road plate units now in Ohio, Georgia, and Virginia, AWP now provides 24/7 steel road plate rental, delivery, installation, and pick-up services throughout these areas. For steel road plate service: request a quote or find an AWP facility near you.

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