AWP is Winning Self-Performing Clients

Traffic Control Projects, October 2, 2018
Sometimes less is more, but we are proud to provide more for less. Area Wide Protective achieves that by offering full-service traffic control services and equipment. Many companies settle on self-performing – meaning, they do their own traffic control set up, flagging, and tear down. However, as we show how AWP’s full-service traffic control provides comparable services for savings up to 50% of their total operational cost, many of those self-performing companies are realizing the value of placing their traffic control needs in AWP’s reliable hands.


Time is Money

Some have doubted, but later found that outsourcing traffic control to AWP creates more efficiency in their crews, and timely completion of their projects. Transporting, maintaining and insuring equipment, being responsible for keeping current on local, state, and federal regulations, employee hiring, training and overhead is all absorbed by AWP. The savings quickly add up. We take on the costs and burden associated with traffic control, freeing up our clients to do what they do best.

AWP clients often witness an increase in crew efficiency of 11%- 14%, allowing more utility work to be accomplished per day by utilizing the support of our traffic control crews. Our partners are able to shave off the time involved in loading and transporting equipment, as well as set up and tear down of their work zone, and are able to simply show up to the site and then move quickly onto their next project. Our partners report they love getting more work done in less time. Witnessing this causes them to quickly gravitate to our full-service offerings.

Risk is…Risky

We add additional value by holding $25 million in liability coverage. Every single work zone performed by AWP is protected. And – AWP is stacked with expert staff, all with outstanding safety records, which is what allows us to be covered by the industry’s leading insurance program. We are delighted when our customers see the facts, run the numbers, and begin to understand the value in AWP full-service traffic control. By placing services in AWP’s safe hands, our partners trust us to protect their people, business, and time.

We want to thank our former self-performing clients for allowing us to demonstrate the value and cost savings in partnering with us. We are Protectors, and we are passionate about what we do.

To learn more about transitioning your traffic control needs to AWP, contact us!

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