AWP Enhances Performance with Skedulo and Salesforce

Technology & Innovations, June 28, 2018
Area Wide Protective was recently interviewed by App Exchange, the world’s leading business app ecosystem. AWP teammates Mandy Parker, Business Integration Support Manager, and Ashish Patel, AWP’s Director of Strategic Initiatives, sat down to discuss AWP technological innovations designed at enhancing customer support and experience  – specifically, how the integration of Skedulo and Salesforce software is positively impacting AWP’s customers.
The implementation of Salesforce and Skedulo paved the way to serve AWP customers better. Together, Salesforce and Skedulo have overhauled the way AWP operates.
“It has supported our rapid rate of growth,” said Parker. “Skedulo has improved our ability to schedule quickly, accurately, and efficiently. We can now make real-time business decisions in a more timely manner. We can locate and allocate resources to fill customer orders.”
Patel shared how Skedulo impacts daily lives. “We now have monthly customer reports. We measure our performance based on certain metrics, and we are reporting that data to our customers to display our performance,” he said. “It keeps us accountable to our customers and allows them to see the great level of service we are providing them. If there is a hiccup, we can all see it and work our way through it. It keeps our partnerships on track, and moving forward.”
Whether customers are checking on the performance of our Protectors or receiving accurate invoices on time, we offer our customers a more consistent, efficient experience throughout the entire span of the job.
“We believe that our customers deserve our best, and we are excited to have a tool that supports that goal and provides such transparency into our operations,” said Patel.
The interview by App Exchange was an excellent way to explain how Skedulo impacts our daily work and the business of AWP customers. It’s another example of the steps taken to protect our customers’ people, business, and time.
Check out the full interview here.


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