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AWP Signs Cone to Commemorate NWZAW 2019

Team AWP, April 15, 2019

Last week, AWP celebrated National Work Zone Awareness Week. Each day, we supported the movement toward safer work zones from sharing safety tips to sporting our orange apparel. This national week aligns with the core of who we are – Protectors. We know that in order to protect others, we make sure AWP employees understand the value of utilizing safety procedures without taking shortcuts.

Via daily emails and meetings, we remind our Protectors to resist shortcuts and deliver excellence with caution and care. In the spirit of NWZAW 2019, we encouraged all of our Protectors across the nation to take some time to remember their important role in keeping our customers and each other safe, so they can return home the same way they came to work. To show their commitment to driving safely, we asked each Protector to sign their facility’s traffic cone from last year. Throughout the year, the cones will be displayed at each facility as a constant reminder of the commitments made to respect and protect work zones.

We are proud to say that from corporate to facilities across the nation, AWP employees pledged their vow of safety as they signed the cones. It was a great way to see the teams come together to support such a great cause and to raise awareness in the AWP community. Daily at AWP, we remind each other to use safe practices. However, taking a day to sign the cone for NWZAW 2019 was a great way to remind our team that being safe is important and affects not only their lives but those around them. Every day counts. We were honored to participate in NWZAW 2019, and we vow to drive, work, and live safe.

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