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Supporting You 24/7/365 – That’s the AWP Support Center!

Traffic Control Projects, February 27, 2019
AWP Provides Live Customer Support 24/7/365

AWP clients have come to expect comprehensive safety and traffic management services from us, on a local as well as a national level. But our customers are sometimes surprised to learn that we are always available to them – always – to handle their work zone and safety needs.

Highly trained Customer Support staff members, many of whom are former Protectors (flaggers), handle all the customers’ work-related needs, from scheduling Protectors to handling emergency lane closures to renting temporary rumble strips and various types of equipment. When the call comes in, we’re here to handle it.


Unique In The Industry

While our National coverage is attractive to the largest construction, utility, and municipal clients, our Support Center also makes ensuring safety in work zones a more streamlined process for smaller local clients as well the larger ones. Multiple people from a client can contact the Support Center, so the information flow is direct and effective. Our Support Center staff is uniformly trained in safety requirements of each state, ensuring our clients’ work sites run smoothly, no matter where they are. This unique and comprehensive communication system means nothing slips through the cracks, even on small, “routine,” and non-emergency jobs.

In our Support Center, our experience, unmatched access to data, and the continuity of communication affords our customers an extra assurance of safety.


Demonstrating a Commitment to Safety 24/7/365

As a company, and as a team, AWP is dedicated to safety in all we do – and that certainly includes the Support Center. Because our Protectors in the field as well as AWP managers are also connected to the center 24/7/365, the Support Center is not only the solution center for our clients, it is the fastest conduit to reach all of AWP’s professionals. Our Support Center team has direct access to all subject matter experts at AWP, so if we do not have a solution at hand, we will route the customer to the right person to drive a solution.

While most of the calls that come in are directly related to scheduling, estimating needs for Protectors, equipment, and rental materials, AWP customers can also contact the Support Center anytime to place change orders or make billing inquiries.

We’ve heard from many Support Center users that this unique national resource makes our AWP estimators and managers more effective, and countless AWP customers have told us they appreciate the level of service the center provides. By focusing on maintaining the highest standards of safety, consistently, and with always-ready support staff, AWP ensures more protection for all of our customers.

Contact your Regional Sales Manager with questions or reach our Support Center anytime at 800-343-2650 or schedule work now.

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