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Protecting People & Business Continuity During COVID-19

Press Releases, March 17, 2020

AWP has been actively monitoring and preparing for the arrival of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and the array of impacts it may have on our AWP team, our valued customers, and our suppliers. AWP’s executive leadership team is actively managing the situation and, as the situation evolves, is prepared to deploy the resources necessary to ensuring the health and safety of our personnel as well as maintaining business continuity.   

In short, AWP customers can be confident in the following:

  • We do not anticipate supply constraints as we (1) maintain a surplus of traffic control equipment, which, as you know, is not readily perishable, and (2) as part of our inventory control, balance our equipment caches among locations according to need and can quickly shift resources within our footprint.
  • Early on, we adopted the path of prevention as the best way to keep our Protectors healthy and available to our customers. We have a robust communication plan in place focused on (1) educating our team members about COVID-19 and the best practices to prevent its spread (e.g., social distancing, regular washing of hands with soap, etc.), (2) reminding our team members regularly of the need to embrace these best practices as a model of good hygiene and a shield from viruses, and (3) encouraging our team members to engage in meaningful communication about what they are seeing and how they are feeling. Our executive leadership team is also actively monitoring our field locations to ensure sanitation products are kept on hand at plentiful levels and made readily available to Protectors.


If you have specific questions or wish to contact us directly, please reach out to:

Dan Gillen, Chief Human Resources Officer

Area Wide Protective

4244 Mt. Pleasant St. NW, North Canton, OH 44720

Office: 330-677-7475 Mobile: 330-839-5609 Email:

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