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COVID-19 Safe Streets

Last spring and summer, we were looking forward to music festivals, fairs, marathons, and other major events. This year, we need to find new, safe ways to enjoy ourselves outdoors. COVID-19 has challenged us, and many – including AWP team members – have responded with innovation, dedication and, above all, a commitment to safety.

The city of Austin, TX, provided a great example by quickly implementing its Healthy Streets program, which was created in cooperation with its citizens. The city of Oakland, CA, has implemented a similar program, called Oakland Slow Streets. In Chicagoland, government officials and residents alike are working on designating more outdoor dining opportunities.

Throughout this great big country, during this epidemic, we’re coming together in new ways. And as we approach the unofficial start of summer, AWP is proud of the work our team members have done and continue to do to provide new solutions and safe alternatives to so many.

Whatever the need – rolling graduation ceremonies, food distribution, temporary medical site management, or temporary traffic control for drive-in church services, AWP team members are ready to serve.

Working for Safety During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Like every company, AWP quickly developed and implemented guidelines in order to operate more safely during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our team members have rallied and excelled in this difficult time, and as an essential service provider, we are proud to say that we even during this crisis, AWP has been able to fulfill more than 98% of job requests throughout our 21-state service area.

AWP CEO John Sypek credits the team members with their commitment to the company’s safety culture, and notes that AWP’s commitment to safety is more than a marketing slogan. For more than 20 years, AWP has provided safety training and equipment that meets or exceeds all requirements and regulations set by government and industry authorities. Every member of AWP’s field teams is American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA) certified and is required to pass courses in First Aid & CPR, state-specific DOT training, and Smith Driving System as part of the on-boarding process.

If your city or organization is developing a plan to reopen city streets for recreation outdoor dining or other uses, we urge you to design with safety in mind. Our traffic control experts and customer support specialists are available 24/7×365. Please contact us. Safety is our mission.

AWP can assist municipalities at any stage in the planning or implementation phase of outdoor dining, “Slow Streets” or similar programs to increase commerce opportunities for businesses and recreational opportunities for residents. Please contact us today to find out more.

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