AWP Event Services: With You From Start to Finish Line

Registrations are rolling in for your event. Your sponsors are on board; your race bags are on order; and volunteers are signing up. As a race organizer, you have hundreds of tasks to manage, all of which are essential to the success of your event. But none is more critical than ensuring that your route is safe for all participants.

Todd Crider understands that better than most. Crider is committed to safety because he’s been there, as a competitor in dozens of events.  In addition to being a seasoned marathon (and ultra marathon) runner, Crider is also AWP’s Manager of Event Services.  So, whether he’s handling special event traffic and pedestrian control for a marathon, music festival, PGA Tour or other large event that requires road traffic control services, Crider and his AWP event services team are dedicated to ensuring that routing everything related to routing is handled flawlessly.

Events Traffic Management: Experience is Key to Safety, Success

When our clients ask us to handle traffic management for their events, they know they can rely on AWP’s comprehensive service, experience, and the selection and quality of our rental equipment. Although some event planners have a good understanding of closures they need, often, our engineers augment or develop the entire plan for the closures.

“Once the closures and route are determined, our engineers create detailed plans, laying out everything per DOT or APS specs for tapers, lane shifts, and required signage,” explained Crider.

“Different states have different requirements. Our engineers draw up the detours, which must conform to each code.” Those codes vary depending on whether it is on a city, state, or county road or a National Highway, Crider noted.

For larger events, AWP provides technicians who are on call to handle any last-minute questions and ensure everything adheres to specs.

“Every detour has subtleties,” Crider said. “Communication and experience are key. We are the only traffic control company that focuses all year long on executing flawless events.”


Reduce Liability at Your Event

At AWP, safety is always our primary focus.

AWP works directly with municipalities, transportation boards, and other stakeholders to ensure participants’ safety on the roads leading to the event. AWP’s experienced crew ensures road closures are handled according to code, and that detours on the day of the event are in place as early as possible.

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“In addition to their training certifications, all of our Protectors have HazMat, First Aid, CPR, and OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen training,” Crider said.

Prompt post-event equipment removal is just as important to your event’s reputation and overall success. AWP personnel are on hand to restore regular traffic patterns immediately after event.

“Our crews are in a truck, literally following the last runner, to remove the detour and closure signs and open the road.” –  Todd Crider, AWP Event Services Manager

Improving Your Event’s Reputation and Bottom Line

Large events demand flawless schedules and exceptional detail management. Spearheading registration, promotion and sponsorship efforts while managing budgets and administrative tasks are among a race director’s many responsibilities. Directing vehicular and pedestrian traffic to and around your event is a highly specialized task, and one that carries significant liability.

There’s no reason to risk your participants’ safety or your events’ reputation by trying to manage it on your own.

AWP’s planning services are invaluable to race directors and other event organizers. While our nationwide resources allow us to move quickly to mobilize the staff and equipment you need, we encourage events planners to begin route planning as soon as possible. Getting AWP involved early ensures your planning process goes smoothly. It also reassures city officials and other stakeholders, and just as importantly, frees up more of your time  – so you can focus on other details to make the most of your event.

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