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Crews Assist with Flood Recovery in Eastern Kentucky

When devastating flooding swept through Eastern Kentucky at the end of July, local AWP crews jumped into action to help with recovery efforts.


Eastern KY Crew Seth Mullins and Terry Mullins“My crews are working restlessly to protect the utility companies who are working to get power restored after the storms,” says Eric Cooper, who manages the Kingsport and Pikeville, KY locations. “I am proud of the hard work and commitment shown by them all.”

Tens of thousands of residents lost power in the storm, water and septic systems were overloaded, and debris littered streets across the region, leaving plenty of work for the utility contractors AWP serves regularly. When disaster struck, AWP was their first call to protect the crews restoring services.

The teams have sent at least 16 protectors daily since the storms hit, with many working double shifts to cover the needs in the area. Some, like protector Seth Mullins, remain positive and dedicated on the job site despite facing flood damage in their own homes.

“Seth was working non-stop and volunteering to be on the front line,” says his crew partner, senior protector Terry Newsome. “Multiple members of the public complimented him on his professionalism and being genuinely kind to them during a tough situation.”

As recovery efforts continue, officials are assessing damage to the area’s infrastructure. AWP is ready to answer the call as the long-term projects begin. For now, the teams continue protecting their communities and helping them down the long path to recovery.

“I just want to help in any way that I can,” says Mullins. “Even if it’s just putting a smile on the faces of those affected. It goes a long way.”

Pictured: Protector Seth Mullins and Sr. Protector Terry Newsome of Pikeville, KY

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