It Matters to Us

Team AWP, April 7, 2017

Work zone safety is important, period.

It is important for those working in the zone, and it is important for those traveling around or through the work zone. At AWP, our goal is to have everyone return home the same way they arrived – safe. We promise every day to protect people, business, and time.

For Bryan Trentham, AWP Facility Manager, work zone safety goes beyond a written goal, it is a priority.

A safe work zone gives our customers peace of mind, and ensures future opportunities for growth in our region. It also ensures our people (employees) return home to their families every day.  – Bryan Trentham

Like Bryan, I also take work zone safety personally. My Fiancé, Chaz, is a carpenter and is often building bridges that have active traffic flows. His safety goes beyond the training obtained through his company. His safety also relies on our Protectors to keep vehicles out of his work zone. Every day, I find comfort in knowing there are Protectors keeping him safe on the job.

I would like to extend a great big THANK YOU to all the AWP Protectors who stand on the frontlines every day to protect everyone in and around the work zone.

Become a part of our commitment to protect people, business, and time by learning these tips to drive safely through work zones.


Want to take your commitment to the next level? Become an AWP Protector today!
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