Courtney Sabolek

Meet Courtney Sabolek

Team AWP, July 26, 2021
Her Road to Success at AWP

“Every day I am thankful for the opportunities AWP has provided. I don’t have a formal education, but with the hands-on learning and training offered, I’ve been given the ability to succeed,” says Courtney Sabolek, AWP Director, Customer Experience.

Working at AWP for the past 14 years, Courtney started as a Traffic Control Specialist at age 19, with a 1-year-old child at home. She previously worked at a temp service and was not interested in college. Her mother found AWP and they applied together. “It was great, but definitely had its challenging moments. I really enjoyed the opportunity to travel. One of the hardest things is the weather, -10 degrees, or 90 degrees and humid. If you are not prepared to be out there in those weather changes, it can be hard. There are long days of standing on your feet and limited restroom breaks.” 

She worked in traffic control for several years, then started assisting in the corporate office as a 3rd Shift Dispatch Assistant. “I was always helping out here and there, and loved the after-hour callouts, the emergency crews, and working with different people every day,” says Courtney. “They are a family and you become a part of that family when you work with them on a regular basis.”

Courtney credits her own family for being her support system and helping with her children while she was at work. She loved being in the office, but needed to be awake during the day, so she went back to flagging. She later became a 2nd Shift Dispatcher, then Lead for shift dispatch. She also helped with payroll, timekeeping and volunteered for other tasks to learn more. After a second baby, she took an administrative position to move up and broaden her education and experience. After a third child she came back to a corporate position as a billing assistant and timekeeping validator. Over a 6-year period, Courtney worked her way up from Billing Analyst to Director of Customer Experience.

Being a Protector

“It’s not for the faint of heart,” says Courtney. “Being a Protector…protecting people, crews, drivers…it’s empowering. It’s also a lot of responsibility. You must know how to be safe and watch more than one thing at a time. Lives are on the line.”  

Courtney stressed that learning on the job was always important to her. She is grateful for the formal training that AWP paid for, like a PMI training course for her project management certification, in addition to the safety training and certifications already provided. AWP invests in people that are loyal and have high potential.

AWP is a good company to work for. I wouldn’t be where I am in my personal life if it weren’t for AWP. I have achieved working at a level much greater than I could have imagined,” says Courtney. “AWP has been part of my home for 14 years.”

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