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Meet Kayla Faulconer

Team AWP, August 25, 2021
Her Road To Sucess at AWP

“When you tell people you work in ‘traffic control’ – they think you are bringing in airplanes,” laughs Kayla Faulconer, Facility Manager. “I have to explain that we set up work zones and are the people that stop traffic with the paddles.” 

Nine years ago, Kayla delivered bread for a company that went out of business. “I was unemployed for two weeks and it drove me crazy.”  She found AWP on Craigslist and began as a Protector at the Cincinnati location, thinking the job would just be an easy, temporary job until something else came along. She soon discovered she really enjoyed it. 


Opportunity for Growth

Early on, Kayla was promoted to Project Manager in Cincinnati and started traveling, which she loved. For 16-17 weeks a year she went to different offices and helped other teams complete their jobs and train their team members. Kayla was eventually promoted to Assistant Facility Manager and transferred to Fort Wayne, Indianabut later returned to manage the Cincinnati officeas well as the newly opened Florence, Kentucky office.  

Now, Kayla has over 100 people in four locations reporting to her as the Facility Manager. Her people respect her because she has been in their shoes. They know she knows what she’s doing, and as their Facility Manager, she continues to help set up work zones and cover breaks.  

Kayla says communication is the most important part of being a manager. “If you lose communication, that’s when there’s a tumbling effect. You have to have an open-door policy. If an employee feels you are ignoring them, they stop coming to work or start looking elsewhere.”  


About Being a Protector

“The job is really more common sense than anything. I liked the independence. You don’t have a manager breathing down your neck  – you are responsible for your day-to-day routes. I had great supervisors and managers that helped me train and move up,” she explains.   

Kayla says her best Protectors have the following qualities: reliable; eager to learn and ask a lot of questionsand can quickly learn how to do something right and then keep doing it that way without constant intervention.  

“Today, I stay because it’s what I know. I don’t have to sit behind a desk 10 hours a day. It’s something different every day and keeps me on my toes.”  

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