Rhonda Swagger

Meet Rhonda Swagger

Team AWP, August 31, 2021
Her Road To Success at AWP

Rhonda Swagger, Lead Protector, New Castle, has been with AWP for 18 years. Rhonda appreciates senior protectors who take the job seriously. “We’re not just here for the paycheck. We are here to get these people and ourselves home safe. That’s what first impressed me about AWP.”  

Before joining AWP, Rhonda worked as a cashier. She saw an ad for AWP and liked the fact that they would pick you up at your home. She believed she could do the job, and for nearly two decades she has succeeded. Today, she is happy with her current assignment, working with First Energy. She says that the crew she works with treats her like family. Rhonda also serves as a Union Steward and helps team members find resolution to any complaints they may have.


Training is IMportant

“Training makes you feel confident. And when you feel confident you feel comfortable,” says Rhonda. She was glad that she completed her ATSSA training and had her certificate before she even went out into the field. ”That first time you go out by yourself can be a little bit scary because each situation is something new and different until you have the time behind you. Book learning is fine, but you need real word experience.” 

She credits a lot of her success to having a seasoned partner that showed her the ropes. “Having a good partner is a big deal,” says Rhonda, who now often volunteers to help train new people.  

“If you put somebody with me for 6 weeks, I can guarantee you that that they will be able to set up a standard work zone properly. I will tell them if something is wrong and why, “ explains Rhonda. “I am very serious about my job. Safety comes first. I see my crew as my brother, cousin, uncle, family, and I will make sure everyone goes home safely.”



AWP’s HERO referral program is a great way to help the company hire good talent and help yourself by earning a bonus for each Protector that successfully completes two consecutive weeks at AWP. There is no limit to the number of job referrals you can make, or the number of bonuses you can collect. If you have friends, family members or neighbors who are looking for employment, just submit a form to your Facility Manager. It’s a win/win for everyone. 

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