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In the Face of COVID-19 Threat, Commitment to Safety Takes Innovation

Team AWP, Technology & Innovations, September 9, 2020

Early this summer, the Safety Committee Members in Area Wide Protective’s Terre Haute, IN, office agreed that they’d be more effective at addressing safety issues if they met face to face – even if that meant being six or more feet apart. With input from others in the office, the Lead Protector on the committee crafted a detailed plan that followed all of the best practices and preventive measures for protecting against potential exposure to the COVID-19 virus.

That sounds kind of boring. In fact, the plan could also be characterized as a (modified) tailgate-style meeting. The committee submitted the plan for review by the Facility Manager, who approved it pending review and approval by his manager, and so forth and so on, and ultimately, the plan was viewed as favorable by all. More than that, it was an outstanding example of how much we can do through innovation, dedication, and good communication.

As a result, Terre Haute’s Safety Committee had a safe, in-person meeting, even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Working Together for Everyone’s Safety

During the pandemic, across all of AWP’s offices and field locations, our team members have proven adept at using more technology to communicate well while reducing direct contact. But the safety business is focused on people, and whenever possible, our people like to discuss important matters in person.

Safety Committees deal with vitally important matters. As John Sypek, AWP President & CEO, said, “This kind of innovative initiative shows our continuous commitment to safety.”

While we applaud the excellent thought process, planning and execution, AWP continues to be cautious in its every move. In spite of the committee members’ 100% adherence to the comprehensive plan, AWP has not made a company-wide change regarding personal meetings, but everyone is hopeful that this safe and successful in-person meeting format may be considered a pilot program that could serve as a model for others in the future.

“We are looking forward to being able to propose similar plans and get our teams together more often, on a controlled basis,” said Regional Manager Greg Ryan.

And to be honest, not only is a tailgate-style meeting pretty cool, we think our team members make safe-distancing look great.

Thank you, Team Terre Haute! You guys look great while you’re being smart and safe!
Photo by Assistant Facility Manager Neil Fuller.

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In all of our regions, AWP Protectors, Field Inspectors, Facility Managers, and Safety Committee Members have demonstrated commitment, dedication, and great resilience in meeting the challenges of providing excellent traffic safety and protective services for clients – even during a global pandemic. If you are interested in joining the AWP team, please click here to see current opportunities.

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