Portable Traffic Signals

The SQ3TS Portable Traffic Signal System combines fast efficient setup with highly reliable performance. The multitude of modular add-on components makes the SQ3TS the most versatile portable traffic signal system available today. The SQ3TS is the smart choice for a wide variety of short and long-term traffic control applications. From a simple one lane bridge repair project to complete intersection control, the SQ3TS has the attributes to provide safe efficient traffic control.

The SQ3TS Portable Traffic Signal meets and exceeds the NEMA TS-5 standard for Type TR1 PTS.

Made by Horizon Signal Technologies

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BarrierGuard 800 – Steel

The BarrierGuard 800 is a successfully, according to MASH, NCHRP-350, EN 1317, tested barrier that combines various performance-levels into one basic product. The BarrierGuard 800 was tested MASH TL-3, TL-3 MDS, N2, T3, H1 and H2 and fulfils these international demands. The durability of the BG800 ensures that in the event of a typical vehicle collision, the damage to both is significantly reduced, with minimal debris, resulting in little or no requirement for repair. This ensures the ongoing safety of the workforce while allowing maximum lane usage on the busy road network. With its versatile design the BG800 allows for angle plates and angle sections to be used for tight radii.

Made by Laura Metaal

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iCone Traffic Monitoring

Accurate data on traffic conditions is the key to planning. The iCone™ system is portable, easy to set up, and affordable, so it allows for rapid collection of traffic data without investing in permanent infrastructure.

By placing a few iCones around a proposed work zone for a short time, you can develop a good model of traffic speeds and densities based on time of day and day of week.

Download the iConeTM Traffic Monitoring Device – Distributor Brochure

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Smart Cushion Attenuator

The MASH AND NCHRP 350 APPROVED Smart Cushion® crash attenuator is a revolutionary, speed-dependent product that varies stopping resistance during an impact. The Smart Cushion® allows lighter and slower-moving vehicles to have longer ridedown distances and lower ridedown g-forces. This fully re-directive, non-gating, bidirectional, impact attenuator was designed for maximum safety and reusability, as well as outstanding durability before, during and after an impact. The Smart Cushion® is the only attenuator with a reverse-tapered design to eliminate side panel stress during a collapse. It also has an extremely low angle of exit on side impacts to keep vehicles from rebounding back into traffic and causing secondary accidents.

Made by Work Area Protection

Smart Cushion Attenuator – Distributor Brochure:

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