Akron Art Museum

April, 2014

AWP had the opportunity to facilitate the installation of an ambitious and eye-catching work of art, by Tony Feher, at the Akron Art Museum in Akron, Ohio. The piece, titled Buoy, consists of three 54-inch tall red marine buoys that hang from the museum’s cantilevered roof.

The installation of Buoy required the use of a large crane, which, for the cantilever overhanging East Market Street, would interrupt the usual traffic pattern on the arterial road, right in the heart of downtown Akron. In order to protect the crane and installation crew from the heavy traffic and maintain smooth traffic flow, professional traffic control services were a necessity. AWP provided the traffic control needed for this major project from beginning to end. Our engineering team developed two temporary traffic control plans to accommodate the installation and the traffic patterns specific to the location. With approval from the city of Akron, AWP set up a work zone that included the closure of two lanes, with a lane shift, while maintaining access to several side streets and other entrances. Our team also closed off the section of sidewalk at the installation site using ADA compliant pedestrian barricades. AWP provided all the planning, design, equipment, and labor that went into the set-up of this safe, compliant, and efficient work zone.

The AWP team is proud to have facilitated with this exciting installation in the very city where our company began work over 20 years ago! You can read more about the installation and the Akron Art Museum here.


Playhouse Square District

October, 2013

In 2014, Playhouse Square, Cleveland’s historic theater district was completely transformed. The renovation included new dramatic lights and video signage, elegant arching gateways, a huge 1920’s era-inspired sign, and the GE Chandelier, now the world’s largest outdoor chandelier. This huge project coordinated by Playhouse Square, Cleveland Ohio’s not-for-profit performing arts center, involved both globally recognized and regional contractors and firms working together of various aspects of the project.

AWP got involved with this tremendous renovation in October, 2013, redirecting traffic around construction and equipment and providing protection for various contractors as they drilled to safely set the structures, and as they built them.

AWP closed Euclid Avenue from both directions, detouring traffic to allow the contractors to set up cranes in the road every night of installation, which went on for three months. Using our type III barricades, more than 30 temporary traffic control signs, and channelizing devices, AWP rerouted traffic flow around the work being done, safely, efficiently, and professionally. Additionally AWP provided 60 ADA-compliant pedestrian barricades to close affected portions of the sidewalk.

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